Crystal Information Security Total Solution

The Crystal information security total solution can strengthen a company's information security constitution, promptly fend off real-time web threats, perform full-scale information security events monitoring, and rapidly analyze intrusive behavior of a malicious software, defending companies' web applications services and dramatically reducing the risk of information security events.

Intelligent IT Security Assessment System

Information security vulnerability management is the first line of defense against hacker attacks. The Institute for Information Industry (III) has developed an automatic security assessment solution including vulnerability scanning, automatic penetration testing, and smart web site security assessing. To help companies identify potential threats and system vulnerabilities, this total solution primarily consists of the Crystal Vulnerability Scanner (CVS) and Crystal Web Vulnerability Scanner (CWVS) software.

  • 1. Information security vulnerability assessment : Helps companies explore and patch information security vulnerabilities.
  • Crystal Vulnerability Scanner(CVS) : CVS provides automated integrated tools for distributed network security vulnerability scanning and penetration testing; it can effectively verify a company's network security vulnerabilities.
  • Crystal Web Vulnerability Scanner(CWVS) : CWVS can automatically assess potential security vulnerabilities through web applications, guiding patches to web program vulnerabilities and setting of security policies.

Bidirectional Web Protection Solution

owadays, more than 80% of network attacks targeted at web-based systems located either in websites or web clients. Owing to vulnerabilities in integration points between dependent products, web applications continue to pose one of the biggest risks to company networks. In order to protect against tremendous web-based threats, III has developed a high-performance bidirectional web protection solution to safeguard websites and web clients. This product family includes Crystal Web Application Firewall (CWAF) and Crystal Secure Browsing (CSB).

  • Intrusion detection and prevention: Provides an effective and comprehensive bidirectional web security solution.
  • Crystal Web Application Firewall(CWAF) : CWAF can detect the access behavior and communications protocols of web applications, and can defend against hackers' web site attacks in real-time.
  • Crystal Secure Browsing(CSB) : CSB can quickly analyze whether web site and applications content includes malicious elements, and prevents users from browsing phishing sites.