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III was incorporated in 1979, through the joint efforts of public and private sectors, as a Non-Goverment Organization (NGO), to support the development/applications of information industry as well as information society in Taiwan.  

Along with the technology advancement, III’s mission has evolved from the developments of informationn technology (IT) to Information and Communication Technology (ICT), with coverage over the entire society.

The Institute for Information Industry (III) was established in 1979 as a non-governmental organization, jointly sponsored by the Taiwan government and prominent private enterprises, for the purpose of strengthening the developments of information industry in Taiwan.

Since its inception, III has been a source of vision, innovation, technological excellence and a major contributor to Taiwan's development into a significant player in the global ICT area.  Whilst dedicated to reinforce industrial development, III has also helped promoting full utilization of ICT technologies hence advancing the establishment of modern information society development in Taiwan. As a result, Taiwan ranks 13th in WEF/GCI (Global Competitiveness Index) and 13th in WEF/NRI (Network Readiness Index) in 2006-2007.

III's unique success is due to a well-orchestrated collaboration between the government and private sectors, which has drawn attention worldwide (e.g. WEF information technology report 2005 - 2006). Today, through more and more international collaborative projects, III has been aiding many other countries across the globe, by bringing in the benefits of III's engineering expertise and management skills, to develop their own ICT industries and to build their own information infrastructures for economic competitiveness and social development.


III has supported Taiwan's ICT industry with advanced technologies and international links to strengthen its global competitiveness, with focus on areas such as:

  • Embedded systems, multimedia, networks/communications, smart handheld devices, information appliances, sensor networks, audio/video codecs, 3D graphics, broadband and wireless industries,
  • Strategic planning and development of large scale national infrastructure and application systems, such as e-Government, e-Transportation, e-HealthCare, e-Logistics, e-Weather, e-Banking, Natural Disaster Mitigation and RFID applications,
  • In-house WCDMA/HSDPA protocols and WLAN/WiMAX technologies, IEEE 802.16j technology development,
  • Market intelligence gathering and analysis, science and technology law implication, promotion and media services,
  • Standardized content authoring tool, M-Learn authoring tool, Learning Management Systems (LMS), Content Management Systems (CMS), and Content Trading Platforms that provide e-Learning companies with core technology modules for speeding up their developing process, and offering a total solution for enterprises to develop in-house training courses, and
  • Professional training on ICT, IT Enabled Services, Operations and Management , and Digital Contents fields.
  III is heavily involved in international collaboration projects, bringing in the benefits of its engineering expertise and management skills to ICT projects across the globe.